10 Important Baby Sleep Tips to Help Your Little One Sleep Well at Night

If you are looking for important baby sleep tips to help your little one have a peaceful sleep at nights, you are at the right place! Also, are you a parent who is finding it hard to sleep at night while your baby lies awake and active? In spite of trying out different things, are you are not able to put your baby to sleep?

Baby Sleep Tips Every Parent Must Know

You can follow these simple baby sleep tips that will help your baby sleep through the night:

10 Important Baby Sleep Tips to Help Your Little One Sleep Well at Night

1] Set up a routine:

You have to set up a routine and be consistent. Make him sleep at the same time so that your baby gets used to it. Even if he is not sleepy, make him lie down. Follow the sleep routine activities with him at the same time every day.

2] Keep him engaged throughout the day:

Play active games during the day with your kiddo and engage him physically and mentally by taking him for walks, talking to him, etc. Try to keep him awake until late evening by some activities, thus, helping him shift sleep time towards the night.

3] Use the bedroom as a sleeping/resting place:

Help your child identify that his bedroom is his sleeping area by making him sleep in the decided area. Remove any distractions like toys and others things from the bed. Make nighttime conditions in the bedroom same as when he goes to sleep.

4] Give him a bedtime bath:

Make bedtime bath an everyday ritual by giving him a relaxing bath with warm water. Dress him comfortably, feed if required and put him straight to bed as this will help him associate bath with bedtime.

5] Make the last meal of the night a filling one:

You may have noticed your baby getting up in the middle of the night due to hunger. If your baby has started on solids, ensure he has enough food that will help him to carry through the night. If you are breastfeeding him, feed well right before going to bed.

6] Engage in soothing activities right before bedtime:

Singing rhymes, lullabies, reading books, gently patting his back are some of the activities which can be done right before bedtime. These activities will make him calm and you will find him eagerly waiting for such routines.

7] Avoid picking up the baby or playing in the middle of the night:

Avoid picking up or playing with your baby if he wakes up in the middle of the night. Instead, sing him rhymes or lullabies and guide him to sleep.

8] Switch off all distractions:

If possible switch off all lights, TV, etc. to help your child know it is time to sleep. Get your family involved for initial weeks till he falls into a daily routine.

9] Comfortable clothes and bedding:

Put your baby in comfortable sleepwear so that he starts associating it with sleep time. Keep bed free of toys, blankets and make him lie down on his back on a firm bedding.

10] A sleep toy:

Get him a toy that he will associate with bedtime. (For baby over six months). Let him hold it while you make him go to sleep.

Your newborn has a hard time differentiating between day and night. Do not worry if your baby has not got into pattern yet. Give him time and help him get into a routine. For more parenting tips and insights on your child’s daily development, check out the Parentlane App today!

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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