5 Essential Tips For Massaging Your Newborn Baby

A newborn feels utmost comfortable when cuddled by his parent’s tender touch, so is the magic of massage, it soothes your little one wonderfully. Massaging your baby has enormous health benefits. It strengthens the bond between you and your little one, helps your baby in weight gain, improves tummy troubles, blood circulation, strengthens his muscles and also helps in sound sleep and reduces crankiness. Below are 5 essential tips for massaging your newborn:5 Essential Tips For Massaging Your Newborn Baby

Do it daily:

Yes, give your baby massage at the same time everyday because babies love routine and repetition. This way your baby will develop a habit and enjoy your massage daily. There is no best time for massage, you need to fix up a time daily when you and your baby are most relaxed. Only thing you need to take care of is that your baby should not be on empty stomach, else he can not enjoy. Keep an alternative feed ready if any, because majorly babies tend to get hungry after the massage gets over.

Massage cozy and comfy:

Considering the climate, choose the temperature. If it is cold, it should be adequately warm so that once you start off the massage your almost naked newborn won’t catch up a chill. And even when it’s hot, do not speed up the fan, cooler or AC. You can choose a soft baby towel and bring the changing mat on your bed for massaging. With all this, play a soothing and soulful music and in between, keep yours and your baby’s talk alive.

The joy of touch time:

This special bonding time should be the moment of joy for your little one. He should enjoy your gentle touch and affectionate love, for this your massage should be gentle. Don’t apply too much pressure else it may be painful to your baby. It is always better to start from legs and feet, since babies enjoy it the most, then shoulder, hands and wrist, later, head and face, after which chest and stomach and lastly back and the buttocks.

4. Unscented oil:

It would be pleasant if the massage is easy on your baby, the oil should be light in application and should be easily absorbed by your baby’s skin. You can opt for something edible, unscented or either cold pressed fruit or vegetable oil. For example: coconut, canola, olive, grape seed, avocado, etc. Weather conditions also need to be taken into consideration while selecting the oil.

5. Catch baby’s hints:

Like adults babies too have their mood swings. One can not expect the same treatment always. If your baby is uncomfortable, crying, frowning, the moment your lay your hands on him, it is better to postpone the massage. Sometimes, during unwell conditions, like cold or a fever, your baby doesn’t require full massage. Just rubbing your darling’s legs and feet is enough and gives him relief from body ache if any.

Massage is a way to express your love to your baby, enjoy this activity daily as you bond stronger with your baby.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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