5 Important Baby Hair Care Tips Every Parent Must Know

Baby hair is tender and so is the scalp. So you have to take extra care of your baby’s hair. Establish a special hair care routine to take care of the sensitive scalp and hair. Some babies are born with a head full of hair and some have very less hair and a slow hair growth. Remember that each baby is different and so is the rate of hair growth for each baby. Do not delve into any over the counter practices for hair growth too early, at least for the first few months.5 Important Baby Hair Care Tips Every Parent Must Know

Important baby hair care tips for your little one:

Here are some tips to care for your baby’s hair that are not only effective but also useful in the long run too:

1. Washing baby’s hair

In the first few months, you need not wash. As he stays indoors most of the times, his hair hardly gets dirty. Once or twice a week would be more than sufficient which can later be increased to 3 times a week when he is a toddler. Washing too often can make the baby’s scalp dry.

2. Choosing the right shampoo

Always use a mild hair cleanser. Strong shampoos with strong fragrance can irritate the sensitive scalp. Also, remember to choose a tear-free shampoo. This would be gentle on the skin and would avoid eye irritation.

3. Know when to comb

Do not comb or brush the baby’s hair too often. Also remember not to comb baby’s hair when it is wet.

4. Choose the right hair brush

Use a soft bristled hair brush for the first few months. For the babies with longer and thicker hair, use a wide-toothed comb. This also helps to entangle the hair. Another good way to entangle baby’s hair is to run your fingers through his hair and gently loosen up the tangles.

5. Trim and tonsure

Tonsuring the baby’s hair is done at different stages according to different customs and beliefs. Trimming and tonsuring allow the baby’s hair to grow longer and thicker.

Keep your baby’s hair and scalp moisturized. Depending on the climate of the region you stay in, decide on the frequency of washing the hair and other special hair care practices that might be required. Folowing these baby hair care tips regularly will ensure your baby's hair and scalp are both healthy.

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