7 Essential Baby Safety Tips You Must Know

Baby safety should be your top priority if you have a little one! When you first bring your newborn home, it is a rewarding and rejoicing moment. But there are important baby safety tips that you must know.

At home, there are certain indispensable safety precautions to be ensured that will make the home a comfortable, calm and a child-friendly place to be in. You need to check the baby’s room, crib, nappies, feeding, toy safety, bath time, and the list goes on.

7 Essential Baby Safety Tips You Must Know

Essential baby safety tips

You must follow a list of baby safety tips to ensure your little one is out of harm's way in all regard and no misfortune can happen, be it an accident or something else. To reaffirm this, take as many precautions as possible. Here are 7 effective baby safety tips that will come in handy for you if you have a little baby at home:

Baby proofing your baby’s room:

The baby’s room should be free of dust, insects and other bugs. Well ventilated with moderate and comfortable room temperature favourably between 18℃ and 24℃. The room should be soundproof with soft lighting.

Fixing the crib:

Create a safe crib where the spindles are spaced not more than 2 inches apart. Make sure that all joints are secure, and confirm that there are no loose screws and nuts, no peeling of paint or wood slivers. The mattress should be firm, flat and fit securely in the crib. Absolutely there should be no gaps. Tuck the bed sheet tight and secure to cover the entire mattress. The crib should be free from pillows, blankets, comforters, stuffed toys, dangling cords of window blinds, mobile phones, etc. Avoid soft bedding that might suffocate your baby.

Baby nappy:

Use cotton diapers to avoid rashes near the nappy area. Wipe and clean the bottom of your baby with lukewarm water and pat dry them before you replace a clean diaper. Do not use any diaper during some part of the day for free air circulation. After every wash, make sure to moisturize the area with some baby oil or moisturizers.

Feeding right:

The benefits of breastfeeding are well known. It may be a challenging task initially but with time you can overcome them. To begin with, make yourself comfortable and bring your baby close to your breast. Hold the baby’s head in one hand and support your breast with the other hand. Gently rub your nipple to your baby’s lips to encourage your baby to open the mouth and latch on. Once you have fed the baby, carefully withdraw the baby from your breast by releasing the suction by inserting your finger into the corner of your baby’s mouth. This will avoid choking for the baby. Make the baby burp after every feed. Burping will avoid regurgitation of the milk.

Toy safety:

Select toys that are child-friendly, unbreakable and those which do not have any small parts that can be swallowed.

Safe bath time:

Bathing a newborn is a task. But, you can make it simple and safe by following certain safety tips. Make sure you have kept dry towels, washed clothes, baby soap, etc., handy before bathing your baby. The warm water must be at a tolerable temperature. Never leave the baby unattended in the bathroom.

Baby products on the market:

Update yourself on the latest baby products and check the reviews regarding the quality before buying the same.

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