A Little Chit Chat

A Little Chit Chat
6 to 12 months baby activity
8m to 11m
Learning Approaches

Remember those little chit chat with your mother on the park bench when you were a child? Here is one such an activity for your baby who understands a lot by now. This activity helps in developing his cognitive skills and also improves your bonding with him.                                                                                                                   


1. Sit on a bean bag or a comfortable chair and talk to your baby.                                             

2. Describe him about things he saw that day. Like “How was the park we went today?” “We saw a dog there,” and also explain things around.                                                  

3. Ask the baby to repeat few easy words to keep him interested in the talk.                                    

While your baby enjoys looking at you talk, he also tries to grasp about the things you are speaking, This also helps in improving the memory and developing his thinking ability.