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Drop That Ball And Say WHOA!

Drop That Ball And Say WHOA!
6 to 12 months baby activity
11m to 1y
Logical Reasoning

Invent some cool games for your 51 week old toddler. Dropping that ball and saying  WHOA  is a simple activity that your toddler will enjoy. Follow the simple steps given below to enjoy this fun activity. It will help his reflexes develop better.


1. Take a plastic ball and drop it on the floor and say whoa and see how your toddler reacts.

2. Now, give the ball to the toddler and see how he mimics you. He will enjoy the activity and drop the ball again and again. Say WHOA every time he drops the ball and he will totally flash a toothy grin.

This activity also helps you both bond better. So do try it right away!