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Eat That Soup Without Dropping

Eat That Soup Without Dropping
6 to 12 months baby activity
Eye-Hand movement

Teaching your little one how to eat independently reflects and reinforces his motor development. Here is an instructive on how to begin:


1. Pour some soup in a bowl and seat yourself beside your baby.

2. Begin by feeding him manually; ensure that he wears a large bib to prevent spillage on clothes.

3. Now, help him grasp the spoon between his fingers and scoop some soup.

4. Prompt him to drink the soup, he may spill some of it, avoid discouraging him.

5. Take a break between each spoonful; you can even alternate feeding him between his own trials.

6. Slowly, let your hand go and watch as he feeds himself.

7. Encourage. Encourage. Encourage.

This activity will help your child practice eating on his own. Be patient, it might take him a few days to perfect this new skill! So, what are you waiting for?