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Hit The Target

Hit The Target
3 to 6 months baby activity
Fine Motor

Hey mommy! Here is a fun and entertaining exercise for your baby to encourage the development of her essential body movements.

Requisites: A string or a ribbon, many colourful balloons


1. Take string or a ribbon and attach different colourful objects like balloons or wiffle balls to them. They should be light enough to move with ease when hit by your baby.

2. Now, take your baby and lay her down on her back and try to get her attention with the balloons at a reachable distance.

3. It may take some time for her to notice the object; don’t give up just yet.

4. Once she notices the object, she must be arching her back to kick or bat at it.

5. With time, make the task a little more difficult by increasing the distance.

6. If she is struggling to give an appropriate reaction give her a small push by grabbing her hand in yours and teach her how to bat or grab the object.

7. Give her the object once she grabs, kicks, or bats successfully; she will reward you with a delighted smile.

What are you waiting for? Grab those balloons and get started!