Hit Those Balloons

Hit Those Balloons
6 to 12 months baby activity
8m to 11m
Motor development

To test the grip of your 38 week old toddler, and how well he can hit with strength, you can use some blown balloons and hang them at a little height and play this cool activity. Follow these simple steps and enjoy hitting.


1. Blow some balloons and stick them at the basement of a small table and take your toddler beneath it and ask him to hit them. You will see him trying to do so.

2. He will use his hands and legs for the same. Ensure that the table is of plastic so that the child won’t get hurt.

You will see that smile and a sense of achievement on your toddler's face post hitting those balloons or bursting some.

It's a great way of developing his muscle and motor skills and eye-hand coordination. So go ahead and try it soon!