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Roll Till You Reach the End

Roll Till You Reach the End
6 to 12 months baby activity
11m to 1y
Gross motor

Ever tried to walk by rolling? Your baby is learning to use hands and legs to move and it is time to teach her with an interesting activity that also improves her gross motor skills.             


1. Cover the floor with a big blanket that is soft for your baby.                                             

2. Place your baby at the end of the blanket.                                                                    

3. Make her roll to the left side and then to the right. Like this, show her to move till the top. Place her favorite toy at the end of the top corner. Your baby will soon try to reach the toy by rolling.                                              

While the baby has fun in rolling, her gross motor skills too get enhanced, and what's even better is you get to see her smile with glee during the fun activity!