Adjusting To A Bright New World - How Is Your Newborn Growing ?

Adjusting To A Bright New World - How Is Your Newborn Growing ?
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Your newborn is trying to adjust to the outside world filled with strange noises and bright light.

Vision: Your newborn's vision is nearsighted in the beginning and his vision develops progressively, his eyesight is still blurry and at best he can see objects at a distance of about 8 to 18 inches.

First movements :  Worried about your little one’s sudden jerky movements? Your newborn's muscles are immature right now and will become coordinated eventually.

Breathing: Did you also notice his breathing pattern with occasional hiccupping-like sounds or noisy breathing? This is normal for newborn's as they have a cyclical breathing pattern. But do consult your doctor if you are alarmed or worried.

First stools – Colour and frequency- Keep checking your little one’s diapers and the colour of your newborn's stools. If your baby is breastfed and the stools are yellow in colour by a week, they are normal.

Formula-fed babies have a different stool colour. You can always check with your doctor to know if his stools and its frequency is normal.

Attention Span: You might plan to hang a simple object of high-contrast, white and black pattern over your newborn's cot or bed for him to look at as your newborn's attention span isn't very long yet.