All Your Baby Wants At this Stage Is Mommy!

All Your Baby Wants At this Stage Is Mommy!
Non-verbal cues

At five months, your little one is capable of recognizing his outside world. He is able to recognize his parents, family members, and people he regularly interacts with and distinguish the familiar from the unfamiliar. This recognition is an important developmental milestone and with this recognition, also sets in stranger anxiety.

What is stranger anxiety? This is the time you get to witness your little one’s social and emotional development first hand as you introduce him to a stranger, who could either be your friend or family. If your baby tends to cling on to you and starts crying at the sight of a new person, he could be experiencing ‘stranger anxiety.’ It may put you in an embarrassing spot but it is important that you deal with this effectively

How to deal with this- Pacify and calm him down but don’t prevent him from interacting and approaching strangers. It is an important step for your child’s social development. Expose him gradually and slowly, a day at a time. Involve toys and games; this will help him warm up.