Are You wondering If Your Little Baby Hears You Out ?

Are You wondering If Your Little Baby Hears You Out ?
Cognitive Development

You would be amazed to know that your little one has been able to listen to you since he was a little peach in your womb. He is able to hear everything he listens to, but if doubts plague you, below are some ways to know if your little one is actually listening.

What you can do

1. Talk to him as much as possible, you might not notice a response immediately but wait for a month until you can notice a distinct response. Avoid loud sounds as it may startle him and hurt his ears.

2. While cradling him, humming songs may help in knowing his hearing ability. In most cases, he should respond with a facial expression or a subtle smile.

3. Your words sooth him when he is crying. You can also try singing and humming gently and witness, time and again how amazed you can be by his precious responses.

4. Use a rattle, he should be able to respond and give ample hints about his hearing. 

If he fails to respond despite repeated attempts, consult your doctor for further investigations.