Aww! Your Baby's Getting Mushy With Kisses and Hugs

Aww! Your Baby's Getting Mushy With Kisses and Hugs

Your little angel is quite a charmer already and is only getting mushier everyday, one of the mushiest parenting moments is around the corner as your little one finally returns a kiss! Keep the camera and box of tissues handy.Your little one has been the centre of attention and has received a lot of love from everyone around. People have been petting your baby, showering blessings, and kisses by the dozen. It’s pay-back time as your little one gears up to bless you by returning your kiss. Hugs will follow soon. 

What you need to know

Your baby loves imitating you and returning a hug or a kiss is one of those behaviours. As soon as she realises that giving a hug or a kiss evokes a positive response, she will multiply the behaviour. Nothing is as pure and special as a hug and a kiss from your baby. This is a special moment as special as her first steps and her first word. Enjoy it, cherish it, and let this memory permanently etch itself in your heart and mind.