Aww! Your Baby's Loving Eye Contacts Are Going To Steal Your Heart

Aww! Your Baby's Loving Eye Contacts Are Going To Steal Your Heart
Non-verbal cues

Now that your baby is around 10 months, her eye contacts with you are getting oh so loving and oh so intense. An eye contact speaks volumes about your child's development and thus is important to keep in consideration. As a matter of fact, your baby first makes eye contact within weeks of birth, but that is involuntary as the eye and the brain development and coordination is at its initial stages.

What you need to know

Eye contact signifies a wholesome neurological development of your child. A child who doesn't make proper eye contact and has been avoiding gaze, might have some developmental issues. The contact also indicates that your baby has started recognizing you as someone important. By 10 months your baby is likely to look and stare at you for a few seconds. This is also important from the point of creating a bond that is important for emotional development.

With a proper eye contact, your baby is also slowly beginning to understand your facial expressions and can gauge to an extent what are you feeling. For example: Try making sad or happy faces in front of your child and you will get back a reaction from your baby.

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