Babble Babble! Your Baby's On A Roll!

Babble Babble! Your Baby's On A Roll!
Verbal language

By now your six-month-old baby will be a total rock star. You will see them trying to scoot, rolling over on their back and reaching out for toys that they like.

These signs indicate that your baby might start crawling soon. Even if you don’t see these gestures, don’t worry. Your baby will get there in a few weeks.

What you need to know

As your little one starts getting more active and agile, it’s important to dress them up in loose clothes made of soft fabrics. Keep them under the fan or in an air-conditioned room to prevent them from getting sweaty and uncomfortable.

Your baby will start responding to their name or nickname now. You will often find them babbling mono-syllabic words, so this is your cue to start teaching them sound words like: “cows go moo”, “crows go caw.” While doing this, you can also point out the respective animals and birds in a book, because your baby will start looking at objects more clearly.

Lastly, from this week onwards, spending time with your baby will become a delight for all the dads! Your baby will start making consonant sounds like “da-da” or “ba-ba.” So you might want to keep your video recorders ready!