Baby is Likely to be Unsettled in Sleep- What Could Be The Reason?

Baby is Likely to be Unsettled in Sleep- What Could Be The Reason?
5m to 1y

Your baby is six months old now, and by this time he should have settle in his own sleeping and food patterns. But, if he hasn't settled yet, there must be something going wrong. You don't need to panic, just understand the fact that a good night sleep is important for your well being as much for your baby. Thus, fixing this issue is indispensable. 

What you need to know

There can be several reasons for your baby to be unsettled in sleep. Check the room temperature. It should be moderate and should not make your baby uncomfortable. If you have recently changed your baby's food habits, check if that is leaving your little one hungry. It might happen that your baby is going empty stomach and as a result his sleep is getting disturbed.

Figure out if your baby's diapers are overflowing. Your little one is much more sensitive and a little wetness can make him feel uncomfortable and disturb his sleep. Lastly, observe your baby carefully. If you find him grossly uncomfortable during sleep. Talk to your doctor about it and find a solution to the issue. Many a times some underlying medical issues is also a reason for disturbed sleep.