Bang, Crash, Kaboom! Your Child is on a Noisy Spree!

Your little one has reached that stage where he has discovered the joys of creating music by striking against objects. Here comes the cue to buy a small plastic drum for your baby, complete with plastic drumsticks.

A great alternative is to provide him kitchen utensils and spoons. They are just as good as drums and shiny and attractive too! Turn your kitchen into a musical den and watch your little one transform into a big a rock star!

Bang, Crash, Kaboom! Your Child is on a Noisy Spree!

What you need to know

Provide him varieties by including plastic storage cans in the make shift drum set, the music is a lot less harsh and great for days where you have a raging headache. His movements are bound to be clumsy and uncoordinated, give him time. At times he may hit his own head with the ladles, keep the ice pack ready and enjoy the concert!




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