Be Ready! Sprouting Teeth Are On Their Way!

Be Ready! Sprouting Teeth Are On Their Way!
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Your baby’s pink gummy smile is shortly going to be replaced by cute, white sprouting teeth. Yes, your baby is ready for teething if she has crossed the six months mark. This is characterised by her love for biting her toys, your fingers, or even a piece of cloth. 

What you need to know

Teething is a process that brings a lot of distress to your baby. It could be painless for a few and painful for some. Either way, prepare yourself to go through the teething process with your little one.

You may have noticed swollen red gums or heavy drooling during this stage. Sucking and biting are pretty common too; you will find her rubbing her ears around the periphery of her erupting teeth. When teething becomes painful, your little one may refuse to feed or sleep and in some cases, may even have diarrhoea.

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