Becoming More Aware- Is Your Angel Ready To Play Beside Friends?

Your baby loves to play with her toys, your hair, and a lot many objects that catches her interest. But is she ready to play with another baby of her age? There is no right or wrong answer here. 

Some babies, especially when they have siblings at home are ready even before they can sit up. Others who are shy and have grown up alone may need guidance and nudging to play with other babies. But as a general rule the curious nature of babies comes in handy and they are able adapt to each other pretty early. 

Becoming More Aware- Is Your Angel Ready To Play Beside Friends?

What you need to know

At this young an age the ‘play’ is more likely to be an exploration and not really play. For you and other adults this may seem amusing but also watch out for tears. Tugging at each other’s hair is common! So pay close attention to what’s happening. The actual concept of playing with another child will come in only once your baby is around two years old. 

This time will also give to you some much needed respite. You may be able to interact with other parents and exchange notes. Or even grab a cup of much needed chit-chat over coffee.

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