Benefits of Massaging Your Baby with Aloe Vera

Massaging your baby is essential for his growth and it strengthens your baby’s muscles, increases blood circulation in the body and gives complete relaxation. There are many benefits of aloe vera for your baby's skin. Your baby’s skin, at this young age, is very sensitive and in some cases, oil massage may not be suitable for him.

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Benefits of Massaging Your Baby with Aloe Vera

Sometimes babies tend to get red rashes, pimples, allergies from oil massage. Hot and humid weather condition is the major reason to avoid oil massage. In fact, doctors also recommend not to use oil while massaging babies in times like these. In this situation, Aloe Vera gel is the best option for babies. It soothes your baby’s skin, gives it a nonsticky texture and works wonders on rashes because it has great healing abilities.

Using Aloe Vera for massaging your baby

Pick one thick green Aloe Vera leaf, cut it from the bottom and wash it properly. Slit the leaf from the center into two slices. Hang it in a way that the broad part faces downwards. Now, leave it for 4 to 5 hours. After five hours you will see some yellow liquid substance drained from it. This is a harmful liquid!

Now wash the leaf again. Cut it in 3 to 4 inches. Store it in an airtight container for one week in the fridge. Aloe Vera plant can be grown in your garden or in a small pot in your balcony area. It is a common plant found in many houses as it has many uses. Aloe Vera plant belongs to the cactus family.

Possible causes of rashes in your baby

When you need it, scoop out the Aloe Vera flesh and blend it with the help of a hand blender. You can use a fork too for mashing the Aloe Vera flesh. This gel is a complete lubricant so your hand slides properly while you are giving your baby a massage. After 15 minutes, the gel will dry off your baby’s skin, after which you can give your baby a bath. Don’t use soap while bathing your baby, it gives you the best results without any side effect. So make your baby’s summertime happy without any irritation of heat boils, rashes or pimples.

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