Boo! Your Little One Is Scared Of Suddenty!

Boo! Your Little One Is Scared Of Suddenty!

You probably know this but your baby is afraid of certain things such as sudden noises, unfamiliar people, and even some toys. In other words, they are scared of suddenty. But don't be worried. It’s normal for your child to be scared of the unknown. Fear is an evolutionary mechanism to protect your little one against essential dangers and anxiety helps us prepare for the unknown.

What you need to know

Your baby may be afraid of certain loud noises, such as the whistle of a pressure cooker from the kitchen. This is natural. This fear may gradually disappear as your baby accepts it as a part of the daily noises and becomes more secure. On the other hand, some babies may not accept it and need your help. Explain to the baby that the pressure cooker cooks yummy food. Show positive body posture and smile. Your baby may not accept this immediately but gradually the pressure cooker whistle will be accepted and old fears will fade away. Be patient.

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