Crying Is The Only Means Of Communication For Your Child

Your baby is quite vulnerable at this stage when it comes to expressing her needs being barely a few days old. Emotional development is experienced in babies after the tenth month, when your little angel would start to communicate through sounds or even faded words. But before that, you as a parent should seek her crying as a form of signal for some requirement or discomfort. Crying Is The Only Means Of Communication For Your Child

What you need to know

You must spend ample amount of time with your little baby in order to learn about her crying patterns. Usually, small babies cry when they are hungry and sleepy. If your baby cries even after her feeding and sleeping sessions, then it might be the changing room temperature which is bothering her. You have to be very alert as at times health issues lead to continuous crying which is not successfully decoded by young parents. Do make sure you never avoid your baby’s crying.




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