Development milestones your child has achieved so far & how to boost them

When it comes to your growing baby, time seems synonymous with the speed of light. Because that’s exactly how quickly it passes. You would be surprised to know that in a very short span of just three months, your little one has achieved some really amazing milestones.

She is now no more a dependent newborn. She has beautifully transitioned into more of a responsive infant who loves to see things around her, watch her own hands and feet, and is quite an explorer in herself!

Development milestones your child has achieved so far & how to boost them

Motor milestones of your 3-months-old

  • Your baby can now raise her head and chest when she is lying on her back
  • She also cutely opens and shuts her hands tight
  • While lying on her stomach, she can now support her upper body with her arms
  • She would now bring her hand to her mouth to suck
  • She would now grasp and shake all the hand toys that you bought for her
  • She would love to swipe dangling objects within her reach
  • While lying on her stomach or her back, she now stretches her legs out and kicks with glee
  • She is also likely to push down on her legs if you place her feet on a firm surface

Sensory milestones of your 3-months-old baby

  • Your little one would now watch her face more intently than before
  • She would also follow moving objects with a better focus
  • Your baby can now recognize familiar faces and objects from a distance
  • Her babbles begin in full swing now
  • She has a better coordination as she uses her eyes and hands
  • She recognizes your voice well and hence, smiles at the sound of it
  • She would also turn her head towards the direction of a sound with much more precision than earlier
  • You are likely to see her imitate some of the sounds you make

Social and emotional milestones of your 3-months-old baby

  • Until two months old, your baby’s smile is not considered to be a ‘real’ smile, as it is a newborn reflex smile. This changes in the third month and now you would be able to see more of your baby’s real smile, which is known as a social smile
  • Your baby would now express even better with her body and face as her communication skills get better
  • She would try to imitate some of your facial expressions and movements as well
  • Playing is her favorite pastime now, and she may cry if the play suddenly stops. So, yes. Her emotional development too is happening in full swing as is her social development.

Grandma’s Tip: In case you see your baby little to not responsive towards the sound of your voice, do see a doctor. You should also keep a track of her babbling and efforts to utter something. These few things are very important to notice at this point.

Other developmental aspects to look out for:

While some babies take longer than others to achieve certain milestones, do keep a track of your little one’s progress on few things. Consult your doctor in case your baby:

  • Doesn’t respond to loud sounds at all
  • Doesn’t follow any moving object by the end of three months
  • Doesn’t grasp any toys or reach for them by the end of four months
  • Doesn’t smile at people even after she has crossed the third-month mark
  • Doesn’t give any attention or response to new faces as she sees them
  • Doesn’t support her head even now after three months

These can be possible signs of a developmental delay. So, it would be wise for you to check with your baby’s doctor in case any of these happen.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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