Did You Just Say 'Mama?' Your Baby is Ready for Some Small Words Now

Your little one now has become that adorable little cuddle-bear you are delighted to have around. With her motor and sensory skills developing at a good pace, you are indeed proud of her progress. Your love and warmth has paid off as you can notice her reciprocating.

By now your baby should be able to communicate with you in short syllables like “ “ma –ma” or  “pa – pa”. Expect a reward soon as she utters her first words in the coming weeks.

Did You Just Say 'Mama?' Your Baby is Ready for Some Small Words Now

What you need to know

Who’s going to be the lucky one? Mommy or Daddy? Stay alert as she utters her first words, but keep it in mind that she is only trying out her first words, not favouring one parent over another.

Some studies show that girls pick up language skills faster and try out new sounds sooner than boys, so don’t be surprised if she starts talking earlier than expected. Keep talking to your baby to improve her speech skills and stock of words; this way she registers different sounds and enjoys her new-found skills.

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