Do Babies Have Dandruff Too? 'Cradle Cap!'

Do Babies Have Dandruff Too? 'Cradle Cap!'
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New moms wake up wondering about the yellow flakes on their baby‘s scalp. Did you think your little one suffers from dandruff too? Some infants in their early weeks tend to have thick, yellowish and oily scales, which resemble oily dandruff. This may not occur in all babies, and disappears usually in about six months to a year. 

Cradle cap is normal in many babies

These flakes on your little one’s scalp don’t indicate a specific infection or contagion that is here to stay. If you are worried that it may be a result of poor hygiene, don’t. Cradle cap is not genetic or caused due to poor hygiene or allergies. Experts are still debating about its exact cause, although many theories attempt explaining it.

If you are concerned about your cradle cap getting severe or notice any sort of bleeding, consult your paediatrician. The best care at home would be to massage the scalp gently with coconut oil. This could loosen the oily flakes in due course and help in clearing them up.

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