Do Not Be Anxious With How Your Little One Looks

Do Not Be Anxious With How Your Little One Looks
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Congratulations! You are officially a parent now and your little one is nestled snugly in your arms. Welcome to the world of diapering, feeding, sleep deprivation, and bonding with your baby. This is the moment that you were waiting for after all those months of anxiety and apprehension.

Initial days – what to expect?

This is the million dollar moment, your baby is at last nestled in your arms. He may not look like the babies in the calendars that litter your paediatrician's office, instead, he is wrinkly, red, and covered in a layer of fine hair called lanugo. This soft layer emerges during gestation to prevent cracking of the skin due to the amniotic fluid. This will disappear on its own in a few days and needs no medical attention.

You may notice that his feet are a little scrunched up and his legs fold over. Your baby will take time to develop a normal posture as it is used to curling up in your womb. Your baby will gradually blossom over the next few weeks and the legs will straighten in due course of time.

It is completely natural and common for new-borns to develop jaundice. Do not panic, consult your doctor immediately and follow his instructions as he suggests phototherapy and extended hospital stay. Also try to feed your newborn frequently - it helps to flush it out of his system. 

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