Does My Baby Recognize Me ?

Does My Baby Recognize Me ?
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Non-verbal cues

Yes, your child recognizes you. In fact, your child recognizes you from the time he is in your womb. And, that is probably one reason why you need to look at your child's face straight when you are speaking to him. Making your child more familiar to you, is the first thing you need to do as a mother.

What you can do

It is important to develop a kind of familiarity with your child. And, as mom it is important because your child recognizes you the most. Talk face to face with your little one. The more you talk face to face your child will recognize you even fast. This is important to create bonding between the two of you.

Don't always baby talk. Talk to your child the way you would talk with an adult. Your child will hear you and understand you much better when you talk to him keeping him at par. Answer your baby's boos and aas and baas with huge interest. Understand that it is his way of narrating big tales. You may not understand, but your little one is just attempting pour his heart out. A good hear us must for your baby.