Effective Ways Of Finding ‘Me Time’ In Parenting

‘Me time’ in parenting is personal time for mothers, may be a short break from kid’s chores. It’s necessary to relax and rejuvenate yourself. According to studies, mothers who have personal time once in a while are more efficient, loving, cool and calm in comparison to those who do not have “Me time” at all. Personal time is like a daily insurance policy against the hazards of stressful life. May be a 15 minutes quick nap, chat with friend, shopping time, exercise, your favorite work, or alone walk in the park. But the main problem is how to get it, here are some ways to get your ‘me time.’Effective Ways Of Finding ‘Me Time’ In Parenting

Lower your standards for cleanliness:

It is okay to have a messy house and an unclean table once in the while. Being a mother you have to lower your standards of cleanliness, it will be good as soon as you accept that things have changed after having a child and you have to be a little flexible in your house keeping standards. There is nothing bad in seeking help from your husband and other family members or hiring a maid. Be a little smart and buy large toy basket to just dump things, or use two three laundry bags one for used and another for unused clothes, prepare on pot meals.

Say no to junk:

No matter how bad your mood is, don’t indulge in junk food. Stressed people tend to eat more and put on lots of weight. So it’s best not to keep junk at your place. Prepare pot meals they are quick, healthy and will fill your tummy. You can also prepare your meals in advance refrigerate them and reuse. Keep lots of fruits, nuts, healthy snacks and salads at home.

Learn to say ‘No’

Saying no is an art and being a mother you have to learn it. Start saying no to things which you don’t want to do or for which you don’t have time. You can say no to attend a family function of a distant relative or a neighbor to help in their daughter’s assignment. It’s better to say no and have relaxed time instead of being there and burdening yourself.

Demand a break:

If you’re a blessed with an understanding husband and family members it is great. Else you should ask for it, demand it, you also need a break! Decide the day and time as per mutual understanding, may be 5 hours on weekend or every day one hour as per both of your conveniences.

Choice is yours:

Choice of spending your “me time” must be completely yours. You just do whatever you want to do, which rejuvenates and sparks new energy in you. May be undisturbed sleep, baking a cake, visiting a saloon, meeting a friend, painting, reading a book or shopping. Anything which makes you happy.

The above mentioned tips are the key to have “me time” while parenting and being a happy mother.

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