Fast Weight Gain And More Wake Up Hours! Hello to Month Three!

At this stage, your baby is much more steady. He is active and his wake up hours will also increase considerably. Your baby will now no longer be sleeping all the time. He will play and watch his surrounding pretty much with equal ease. The weight gain will move up. Fast Weight Gain And More Wake Up Hours! Hello to Month Three!

What you need to know

You can expect 700 gms to one kg weight gain till one year. Weight gain however, also depends on the activity, food habits and general health condition of the baby. All babies don't gain weight in the same way.

This phase is an interesting phase as the growth is very visible and noticeable. Holding his head, and being in a playful mode, is a treat to watch. However, be careful with his toys, as the next thing he starts is putting everything in his mouth. Till then, enjoy!




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