Feeding Development- Is Your Cutie Ready for a Trip to the Dining Table?

Time truly flies! The past few months have been nothing short of magical as your baby transformed from a wrinkly infant to a crawling cutie! Make the best use of her new found mobility and introduce her to the dining table.

You can now try and encourage her to be at the dining table with the other family members. Place a bowl of mashed up food or cereal in front of your baby. It doesn’t matter if she can empty the bowl out or not; it is more important for her to recognise that everyone feeds themselves.

Feeding Development- Is Your Cutie Ready for a Trip to the Dining Table?

What you need to know

Initially, expect her to just sit there and play with the food. Be ready for messy table cloths and baby clothes. There is all likelihood that your baby will get as much of the food around the mouth as in it.  Watch out for sudden splashes!




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