Feeding Your Newborn Right After Delivery

Feeding Your Newborn Right After Delivery
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Motherhood is a wonderful experience and holding your soft little one in your arms and feeding him is a moment that every new mother should cherish. Though this may come along with mixed emotions for the mother, breastfeeding your baby right after birth is highly recommended.

Here are some reasons:

1. Colostrum or the first milk, is produced in the last few days of the pregnancy and the first few days post. This nourishes your baby and offers great immunity by protecting your little one against infections. It also contains more protein than your average breast milk.

2. Breast milk is easily digestible and the best food for your baby.

3. The skin-to-skin contact between the mother and baby helps in establishing the warmth and security.

4. Nursing your baby right after they are born increases your confidence levels and helps in the circulation of ‘feel good’ hormones, which are required to help you to come out of your post delivery pains.

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