From Sitting To Crawling- Your Baby's Growing in a Jiffy

From Sitting To Crawling- Your Baby's Growing in a Jiffy
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Your little bundle is able to sit up without support now and his curiosity knows no bounds as he reaches out and explores his environment. Your baby will transition from sitting to crawling position. 

Sitting to crawling milestones: What you need to know

The next expected milestone is that of a mobile baby. Over the last few, relatively movement less months, his muscles have silently been building coordination and strength. Regular massages will ensure that his little muscles don’t tire out and maintain their tone. 

It’s around this time that your little one discovers his mobility; this will begin via a bum-shuffling movement. It is not technically crawling but it gets what your baby wants- voluntary movement. Your baby's sitting crawling development will be visible to you, in no time. 

What you can do

Encourage your baby by ensuring play time activities such as keeping a toy just out of his reach; be patient and sooth him when he gets frustrated. Over the next few weeks, your little one must be bum shuffling his way around the house and will gradually learn how to get on his knees and crawl. Slowly but surely you will see your baby move from sitting to crawling position.