Getting the Zzzzzs- Your Baby Needs a Sleep Schedule

Getting the Zzzzzs- Your Baby Needs a Sleep Schedule
Baby Care

You will now observe that your baby is less inclined to sleep and shorter naps will do. In other words, this means that you get lesser time to handle the things that you normally could during your baby’s nap time. Additionally your baby is mobile and needs and demands all the attention during his waking hours; this means you have to be on your toes all the time. 

What you need to know

The one problem that you may struggle with is how to get your baby to sleep when you want to. Simple stuff like 6-8 hours of full rest at night seems to have been unheard of. Factors like keeping the room dark, a full tummy, and adequate physical activity can help get him into a sleep routine. But above these, ensure that there is a strict schedule that you follow. Don’t offer your baby a feed if it isn’t ‘feed time’ as yet. Don’t jump up to draw the curtains and rock your baby just because it is nearing nap time, let him tire himself out so he doesn’t wake up repeatedly over the course of the night.