Goo..Gaa! Say Hello to Baby Blabbers!

Goo..Gaa! Say Hello to Baby Blabbers!
Verbal language

Yes, your baby is past the six month milestone and is getting ready to be a part of your world. Your baby is now ready to be with Da-da for extended periods of time.

Father, you really are a hero to your baby so don’t panic if you are left alone for an hour with your baby while your wife is out doing the groceries or just having an uninterrupted bath.

What you need to know 
Your baby is now following you very intently. Notice how your baby observes you as you go about the house dressing, eating, reading the newspaper and talking on the mobile?

Include your baby in whatever you are doing by naming the articles in baby language. Say ‘tring-tring’ to the baby every time the mobile rings or say ‘shoo’ and point to the shoes as you get ready for office, say ‘mmmm’ as you hand over the sipper with water, say ‘out’ and point to the door every time you are ready to go outdoors. Keep your baby’s confidence up by talking and making eye contact.

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