Half Way Through First Year- Happy 6th Month Baby!

Half Way Through First Year- Happy 6th Month Baby!
Eye-Hand movement

Congratulations! Your baby is halfway through their awesome first year. Parenting your baby through his infancy is all about making memories. Invite moms and babies of your child’s age and plan a group play date!

This event will mark six months of successful parenting and will allow your little one to interact with other mommies and babies. This is the perfect ground for you to observe his apprehension when approaching strangers. Being around others will help your small wonder socialize and improve self confidence.   

What you need to know

As your baby grows, playtime should become an important part of his day. Tricycles and stuffed toys are a great way to begin! Play will keep him engaged and improve his muscle strength and coordination. Try hiding a toy beneath a blanket or play peek-a-boo with him; this will help hone his reasoning skills.

Studies show that music quickens the speed of development of speech. Play some lively music, or even sing to him. Keep the genre eclectic and watch as his mood shifts from song to song!