Has Your Li'l One Reached The Important Developmental Landmark Of Pincer Grasp?

Your darling is growing, and there are few developmental milestones that ensures that your baby is not only growing, but actually growing pretty well. At this age, there are few things that you must watch out for so that you can be rest assured that all is well with your little angel. One of them is his motor skills. Pincer grip as it is know is said to be one of the pivotal milestones. Learn what this grip is all about, and why it important for your baby. Has Your Li'l One Reached The Important Developmental Landmark Of Pincer Grasp?

What you need to know

Your baby is about 8 months. Till now, you must have notices using her whole palm while grasping something. But, watch her trying to pick up things with her thumb and forefingers. This grasp is known as pincer grip, and is essentially important for the development of your baby.

It is important because it enables your child to do a number of things later on life such as holding a pencil, eating, picking up things from the ground, hold small objects, etc.

Help your child to develop and eventually strengthen this grip. In case you see a delay ensure that you meet a development expert and look for a plausible solution.

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