Her Mind is More Flexible Now- But Is She Ready For Childcare?

Her Mind is More Flexible Now- But Is She Ready For Childcare?
Non-verbal cues
Cognitive Development

Your child understands you a little more than yesterday. Her mind is becoming more flexible by the day. However, preparing your little one for child care can be physically and mentally exhausting. The emotional adjustment is bound to be difficult for both you and your baby.

The good news is that your baby is more flexible than you think. The key lies in the right introduction to the care giver and early placement.

What you need to know

Get the care-giver to spend an hour with your baby every day for a week and slowly graduate to a two hour time slot. It might be a good idea to be completely away from his sight during this time. This way he will accept that you can ‘disappear’ for a while and will be back soon. Some babies will give their care givers a tough time if they see a parent in the room. 

If your baby is going to be at a crèche, get him to play and familiarise with the crèche. Your baby may need your reassurance but may eventually enjoy the noise and the presence of other babies. 

It is natural for your baby to cry when you exit, but say a quick goodbye before leaving. Don’t sneak out.

This will make it difficult for your baby to trust and accept the new care giver.

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