"Hik..Hik.." Your Baby Gets Hiccups Often

"Hik..Hik.." Your Baby Gets Hiccups Often
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Did your little one hiccup recently? If you are worried or wondering if it is good or bad, relax! Your baby getting hiccups alot are common, normal and are more prevalent in the early weeks after birth and you will continue to see your little one hiccupping until they are a year old. 

Your baby gets hiccups all the time: What you need to know

Babies have hiccups as their diaphragm and muscles are still developing and have not acquired the necessary control to be firm. Your baby is actually quite used to hiccupping as he has experienced them even as a little peach in your womb. You will notice your baby get hiccups after feeding and it is all the more likely when he suffers from reflux.

You may also observe your baby gets hiccups while laughing. As long as your baby’s hiccups go away in sometime and don’t persist the entire day, you can be assured that everything is normal. There are no remedies for hiccups and they usually fade away on their own. Some babies find being breastfed relieving as hiccups go away in the process, but it differs from child to child. At any point, if you notice your little one getting fussy or uncomfortable, consult a doctor.

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