Your Baby's Leg Muscles Are Getting Stronger

Your Baby's Leg Muscles Are Getting Stronger
Muscle Strength
Gross motor

Your baby’s legs are getting stronger and are able to handle his body weight. However, don’t leave him alone as he wobbles or stands, his leg muscles may be strong but are still unused to this activity. 

A daily massage is a great idea to improve blood circulation and will help washing away toxins from his tired muscles. 

Your baby's leg muscle development: What you need to know

Your baby's leg strengthen at 4 months were blooming and now after some months, it is a good idea to help him stand and walk gradually for a few minutes. Boost his confidence by cheering him on. Give him some time and watch as he surprises you with his spontaneity.

To strenthen your baby's leg muscles, assist him whenever he takes an initiative to walk. He will use furniture around the house to hoist himself up and walk, know that bruises and bumps are a part of the process. Keep light furniture away and tie up your curtains as he moves!

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