Your Baby Sits Up

Your Baby Sits Up
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Muscle Strength

Your baby’s development pace is unique at this point but now at 6 months your baby sits up on her own for a short periods of time. Your baby will at first need all the support that you can provide. Place your hands under your baby’s arms to provide support.

Sitting up and viewing the world from a different angle is a milestone for any one. More so for your baby, who has been looking up at the ceiling fan and the roof most of the time. Gradually as the back muscles strengthen, your baby will be able to stay up for a couple of minutes. It is normal for your baby to lean forward and use arms for support. 

Your baby sits without support: What you need to know

Make sure you don’t leave your baby unattended when they are learning to sit. Always seat your baby in the centre of the bed or sofa, close to the back rest as your baby sits up with support in the initial months. Make a nest of pillows and cushions around your baby. Just in case your baby loses control and like Humpty Dumpty, has a great fall, there are no bumps as the pillows and cushions will catch it all. 

As your baby and you get more confident, dangle a toy. As your baby reaches for the toy the back, torso and leg muscles will strengthen. You will soon observe your baby sitting up straight effortlessly. This is a truly a great milestone, so celebrate it by time stamping it with some cute pictures to share with the grandparents, aunts and uncles!

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