I Am Angry And I Show It- Your Baby's Changing Communication Patterns

At this stage, your baby will cry often. It may be because your baby is hungry, wants a diaper change, is hot, is cold, wants attention, is sick, or just wants to hear some noise. Your baby’s primary mode of communication is through crying. At 11 months, your baby can show more emotions and expressions than before. This is the time around which they will let out small cries that show their anger and discomfort. I Am Angry And I Show It- Your Baby's Changing Communication Patterns

What you need to know

Your baby may be angry just because a toy has moved out of grasp, or to express unhappiness of being put back in the crib, or to protest the fact that you have said ‘No’ to putting a small object in their mouth. 

But more likely than not, your baby will cry and show anger because there is so much that needs to be done that your little one is incapable of doing independently. Even your happy go lucky baby may be frustrated and angry at these times. Respond to your baby’s anger by trying to judge what is causing it. Don’t worry about giving in to every demand made, avoid it instead; this will eventually become habitual. Set the boundaries clearly but don’t delay a response. Your baby can judge if you are calm or angry, or stressed out. So remain calm when responding. Or you’ll just end up adding to your baby’s frustration and anger. 

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