'I Want Mamma!' Your Child's Growing Separation Anxiety

'I Want Mamma!' Your Child's Growing Separation Anxiety

At this stage, you are your child's favourite! While that is an amazing thing, it has its demerits too. The joy of watching your little one growing is wonderful, yet dealing with their emotions when they grow becomes difficult sometimes.

What you need to know 
Yes, if your little one is going to hit the one year mark and is wailing and screaming every time you leave them alone for a few minutes, chances are that you have to get prepared to deal with separation anxiety.

It would not be uncommon to see your toddler screaming his lungs out or holding on to your legs and cry as if the world is crashing on him when you leave him alone or go out for some time. This happens if your little one is attached too much towards one person who could be either the father or the mother.

What you can do
Since this is a common issue, new mothers need not worry if your little one has a tough time to say goodbye when you go off to work or for a short period of time. Instead handle them with care and give a thought to their emotions by being sensitive.

The best way to ease the situation is to begin in a small way by leaving your little one for small periods of time and seeing them again. It is like disappearing for a few minutes and coming back again.

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