It's Time For The Beginning of a New Language For Your Little One

Your baby is six month now, and reasonably grown. She is now able to see and get a hang of things around like you and me. She is alert, she is smart, she is agile and she is responsive. And now the next big leap in her life is language and communication.

What you need to know

It's Time For The Beginning of a New Language For Your Little One

Your baby will make her own language. Sometimes, she will talk so much that you may not be able to comprehend at all, but she will go on telling her story. The oos...aa....bbbaa...and all the blabbers will now be a treat to your ears.

Your baby will also try to imitate you, though in her own way. Her noise will be more prominent, and she will ensure that she grabs your attention with her squeals. It is just about time when she combines two syllable and comes up with another sound. Talk to her as much as possible, the more she hears the better and faster she learns to speak.




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