Its Time To Make Your Baby Understand Some Simple Rules

Its Time To Make Your Baby Understand Some Simple Rules

Your little angel is now asserting herself and shows a streak of independence. There would be times when she will crawl up to pick up something that is too dangerous to be handled by a child. It is time to enforce certain rules and a strict ‘No’ at times will be much needed.

What you need to know
Kids this age are naturally inquisitive and love to explore their surroundings. As much as we may try it is impossible to make the whole house childproof. As parents we will have to keep a close watch on the child when they are out exploring and make sure that they understand some limits and rules. Distracting the child helps and also repeating some simple rules again and again will have an effect over a period of time. They may forget the rule soon so repetition is important. Patience is much needed at this age.




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