Milestone Alert! Your Baby Blows Raspberries Now!

Milestone Alert! Your Baby Blows Raspberries Now!
Non-verbal cues

At 4 months, your baby blows raspberries to express her cutest milestone. You may notice that she enjoys puckering up her lips and blowing bubbles with her own saliva. Probably the cutest thing to watch, your little one certainly enjoys doing this and has a whale of a time.

Your baby blows raspberries all the time: What you need to know

This is a milestone for your little one as she is on the road to talking and teething. It is an exercise for her to move her tiny tongue, lips and bring her mouth into coordination. You will notice your baby blowing raspberries when tired as well. So don’t try stopping your little one if she is drooling with saliva while enjoying and expressing herself in her new found activity. 

Experts believe that this activity helps your little one in voice and pitch regulation in the long run. 

Your little one's milestone 

Blowing raspberries is not just a fun activity for your baby, but also a great time for you to bond with your little one. You can also imitate your baby, laugh out loud, sing, and make silly sounds. All this will lay the foundation for your baby’s language and communication skills. Hence, your baby blows raspberries when angry to express her feelings to you.

Some babies do skip blowing these bubbles, so don’t be worried about it. As long as your baby is making babbling sounds, it is a sign of healthy speech development.

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