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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! Your Baby Can Now Develop Through Reflections

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! Your Baby Can Now Develop Through Reflections
3 to 6 months baby growth
Non-verbal cues

Your baby at this stage is fully fascinated by his own reflection in the mirror. It is a common superstition that babies shouldn’t be offered mirrors to look at. One reason may be that their eyes are insufficiently developed and vulnerable to harsh lights. Although this superstition is vaguely logical, research proves that exposure to mirrors is crucial to the development of self image self- awareness, and stereo vision.  

What you need to know

One can never predict how their child may react to the mirror. Accompany them on this little adventure as they visualize themselves. They may initially express shock but familiarize themselves with it as time goes by. Let your child create their own understanding of their face, hands, and other body parts.

Place a toy above their head and observe if they reach out to grab it or point towards the mirror. Hold your little one before a mirror and stand behind them. Gently take their hand and show that it’s their own image. You can also ouch their feet or hand to assure them that it’s their own self looking back at them. As days go by, they may even laugh and gurgle at their own image.

Introduce your little one to a mirror now and watch joy unfold.