Misshapen Head of Your Little One- Should You Be Worried?

Misshapen Head of Your Little One- Should You Be Worried?
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At this stage, a child's misshapen head is probably one of the most common worries of new parents. Misshapen head is actually very common in new born babies. Initial few weeks, baby is so small that everything pretty much looks distorted. But by the time baby is around 7-8 weeks old, the odd shape shows up.

What you need to know

Misshapen head typically happens because the bones in and around the baby's head is soft. During birth they tend to move a little and that causes the distortion. But, this is temporary and nothing much to worry about as along all other parameters are well in limits.

Misshapen gets fixed automatically in most cases. As the baby grows up, the head will become normal. The growth of hair also plays a very important role. As the hair grows big and thick, the head takes it shape in more immaculate way.

Nonetheless, if you find the misshapen head not settling down by the first six months, do not hesitate to seek an expert's opinion.

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