Non- Verbal Communication- Your Baby's First Step Towards Language Learning

At this stage your baby will start showing her first signs of communication. However, interestingly, all the verbal language skills begin from nonverbal communication. So as a parent you must ensure that you encourage non verbal communication so that your baby develops an understanding of the language in a positive and comprehensive way. Non- Verbal Communication- Your Baby's First Step Towards Language Learning

What you need to know

Firstly, understand that non verbal communication is the first step towards developing a proper verbal communication. This is because, to speak, your baby first needs to understand the language and infer the meaning of the words.Try asking your baby short and straight questions. For example,“Where is dad?” Your baby is likely to show the door. This way you know he understands your language.

You can also have your baby do small tasks, for instance, “Can you find the ball ?” Your little one will try to crawl up to the ball since there is no verbal communication involved.

In case your baby fails to understand your words and instructions even till a year, ensure that you see your doctor and specify the particular issue.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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