Oops! Your Baby Just Got More Messy!

Oops! Your Baby Just Got More Messy!

Your little champ in action is tending to become messier with each passing day! Relax, it is just a part of his growing up phase. Just as you finish cleaning the kitchen, you walk back to the hall and find your baby with food smeared all around his mouth; all the toys that you put in the basket this morning are scattered around. With a deep sigh, you begin to clean again. Believe it or not, but your naughty darling actually loves messing a lot!

What you can do

Talk to your baby. Tell him that once he is done playing he must help mommy clean up. Slowly train him to help you clean. It will be tempting for you to clean it yourself, but be patient. Your baby will be very eager to learn new things, so let him try it out.

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